Friday, July 23, 2010

Warcraft: Cataclysm Beta

This is from a couple weeks ago but I realized I never bothered to actually publish the following posts.  Not sure why but here they are for your viewing pleasure.


So, the stupid multiple patch downloads finished up yesterday and I was finally able to play last night. I started out with my premade level 80 warlock just to check out the changes to the world and to fly around for a bit.

I made my way down to Booty Bay and onto the boat to Ratchet. I wanted to check out The Barrens ripped asunder and see what I could see. I'm sure it would have been nicer and more interesting to see as it happened but there wasn't much to the huge scar down the middle of The Barrens. Only thing that was interesting is the fact you can't fly over the scar. For some reason I kept getting knocked off the dragon. I was just hovering over the middle of the scar for a few seconds and was dismounted. This was a little frightening because i was very high up at the time. Fortunately for me I landed in a small, and i mean small, patch of water in the bottom of the scar which saved my life.

After I ran down the scar for what seemed like forever (partly because I had to swim most of the way), I made my way down to Gadgetzan to check out the damage down there. The town is much larger now and water is now up to the town. The only building that survived on the coast was that little hut above steamweedle port with the little parrot that flies around up there.

I proceeded up to Thousand Needles to check out the flooding up there. It was pretty interesting to say the least. I got very bored at this point and logged out.

I then proceeded to create a Worgen Hunter and go thru the starting zone quests. I must say it was very fun and super interesting to see all of the phasing technology in action.
From what I was reading in the general chat the Goblin starting zone quests will make you laugh so hard that you will pee your pants. Much like a baby does when you remove the diaper. hahahah

I didn't try out the Goblin starting zone yet but will try that later tonight.

For the most part I had very few issues other than a disconnect every once in awhile. There were a few instances where I had just finished up a quest that started a new phase in the storyline and I tried to target a worgen to kill but halfway thru the fight as i moved further down the street he disappeared and my character sorta made this weird herky jerky motion for a few seconds. I knew i was moving to a new phase because when i moved back up the street none of the stealthed worgen were nowhere to be found.

As to the look and feel of the character window and the spellbook, I like the new look but it will take some getting used to. The talent trees are all visible on one window now which is good. The spells that you will eventually train as you level up are all in your spellbook with some neat icons next to them but they are grayed out until you learn them. They also show which level you will attain them which is helpful.

Other than that, the story line is very good for the worgens so far. I am up to level 10 in about an hour or so of playing.
That's all for now.  I'll post some info about the different classes when I have more time.