Monday, September 28, 2009

I read online comics

I recently found a new online comic that is pretty funny.  World of Warcraft, Eh? pokes fun at World of Warcraft from a Canadian point of view.  It's not updated very often (which sucks) but they are rather funny if you know anything about Warcraft.  I have posted links to the 3 online comics that I follow each day (or week depending on how often they update).  Enjoy

CAD (Ctrl+Alt+Del)  -  This comic is updated at least 4 times a week and the author also plays World of Warcraft on the Sentinels server.  He posts reviews about PC games as well as console games. 

DL Comics (Dark Legacy Comics) - This is a weekly comic (updated on Sunday I think) that I read every Monday morning with my coffee.  I would like to see more comics from them but it appears they are stuck on a once a week update.  Other than that, the comic is very funny with awesome jabs at Warcraft players as well as Blizzard in general.