Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I hate guilds

To start, I hate Guilds in the World of Warcraft game!

You may be asking me "why do you hate guilds? They are sooooo cool".

I have been playing WoW since it came out. I am not a 12 year old kid crying about how life isn't fair. I am 34 years old and yes, I play an online game. Big deal. There are people older than me that play this game. It's fun to play as long as you can find other people that don't look at this game as their life. I have seen too many people play this game and take it so seriously, they actually get sad or mad when a certain "epic" item or weapon doesn't drop for them after killing a boss. Big deal. Who cares???

I simply play the game for fun and to relieve stress. I have been stupid though because I joined a guild a few months ago after swearing off of them. Guilds are run by stupid people who don't have a clue how to properly run them.

A guild is like a business, you have the CEO, officers, and employees. Occasionally they are setup with mid-level managers who are typically 1 or 2 folks from each class who show great skills in that class.

The purpose of the mid-level managers is to simply help other employees of that same class become better at their job. What I have typically found is the mid-level managers don't give a crap about the lower level employees they are supposed to be mentoring in the complexities of the game. They are out for themselves and don't feel like it is necessary to help anyone out.

Here's a typical conversation between a manager and the employee:

employee: hey Ripsitup, can you help me with this elite quest in duskwood?? :)
manager: i don't have time right now. i'm working on my rep with the Poopiepoop and only need 19000 more points to get exalted.
employee: dang, does anyone else want to help me? it won't take long
random employee: i would help but i'm not high enough yet for that quest.
other manager: why don't you look for a group in that area?
employee: well, i tried but this server has a low population that no one is in the area that is working on the quest. That's why i joined this guild in the first place. i thought I would get some help with some quests.

Another thing that I hate in guilds is the fact there is always a clique of players and if you aren't at the same level as them or have the same epic weapons and whatnot, guess what.....they won't include you in anything. If I remember correctly, this is just like high school. What a surprise!!!

My recommendation is to stay away from guilds. They are a waste of time. If you need to talk to someone, shut the game off and talk to your wife or kids or neighbors.